TSARITSA ! 5,000+ cryo archon, 7'0, aromanticgoddess of love, ruler of snezhnaya, The Tsaritsa resembles everything that her nation is. cold, harsh, and unpredictable. its ability to keep in power has kept snezhnaya and her people safe. despite her reputation, those who know it have seen the gentle sides of her. despite her desire to become unkind, her nature will shine through and through.a loveless archon who holds no love for her people and whom her people have no love for. despite this hearsay, many of snezhnayan’s citizens revere and love her. while she remains a rather enigmatic to her citizens, even they know that her intents are always for a better world. she does not rule harshly to her people, but it holds no hesitation to those who stand in her way.


conept of love, winter, the cold, animals, seelies, crystalflies




Tsarista x Pierro, Tsarista x Asmoday, Tsarista x Ei, Tsarista x Signora, Tsarista x Arlecchino
★ Willing to do romantic, not guaranteed

Tsarista x Dottore, Tsarista x Columbina, Tsarista x Sandrone, Tsarista x Wanderer, Tsarista x Capitano, Tsarista x Xinyan
★ Not willing to do romantic, platonic only



∙ its body is filled with frostbite looking scars, ones that radiate cold, despite the rest of her body and mind running warm.
∙ its fingertips look frostbitten and radiate snow looking magic.
∙ she custom makes her own clothes due to her need of clothes to fit her tall stature.
∙ it constantly floats, unless sitting or laying down.
∙ she always carries her scepter with it, even when she’s posing as someone else. she keeps it hidden most of the time outside of combat.
╰▹ while being one of the more powerful archons, she hones her power into her scepter for better control as her ice tends to be destructive and killer.
∙ due to her divinity, The Tsaritsa has the ability to shapeshift.
╰▹ many people, even her own citizens, believe that they’ve never met the cryo archon when in actuality, she’s traversed just about every inch of teyvat.
╰▹ aside from her fatui harbingers, she’ll pose as diplomatic figures under the fatui and carry out her own missions.
╰▹ the only time she’s in her true form is when she resides in the zapolyarny palace, along with her fatui harbingers. other times, she’ll be a shorter, less intimidating version of herself. one that’s about 5’10 and lacks all of the frostbite elements that are shown vividly on her normal 7’0 body.